Data Visualization Developer Intern

Accurat is looking for a data visualization developer intern to join its team in Milan.

This is a new and innovative type of position. We welcome applicants from diverse backgrounds, including but not limited to: design, programming, science, and/or engineering. Regardless, if you feel that the description below represents you, don’t hesitate to apply.

Our ideal candidate will work with designers and developers to:

  • Conceptualize sleek and sophisticated data visualizations and experiences;
  • Develop and refine visualizations with web–based technologies;
  • Integrate visualizations into apps and other types of web experiences.

We value:

  • Creativity and ingenuity in problem solving;
  • Versatility and proactivity;
  • Strong task and project management skills;
  • A passion for data visualization and/or creative coding.

You will be required to work with:

  • Web programming languages (JavaScript, HTML, CSS);
  • NodeJS and important libraries (Lodash, etc);
  • Graphical libraries (D3, P5, Processing);
  • JavaScript frameworks (React, Angular, Vue, Svelte).
  • REST API and GraphQL, for integration with external services;
  • GIT for version control.

Please note:

  • You must be a European citizen or have a valid permit of residence.
  • You will be expected to work in our Milan office three days per week. You are free to work remotely for the remaining two days.
  • Salary: expense reimbursement.
  • Contract: curricular or non-curricular internship.
  • Duration: 4 months.
  • In your application, please highlight any past work related to scientific and/or artistic representations of data.

We will be reviewing applications on a weekly basis.

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